Losæter, Oslo, Norway

Levitation of structures from the ground and seeds into the earth
MAY 21, 2016  —  17:00

As the first beams of Flatbread Society Bakehouse reached up to the sky, so did the arms of a dedicated group who have been shaping Losæter since 2012. The Flatbread Society Grain Field was replanted in the form of the navigational constellation Boötes, also known as the Shepherd. Each star in the constellation expressed as a circle on the field with Arcturus as the central navigational star.


Grain Field Sowing

Heritage grain seeds were sown by members of the core group: Growlab, Jørund Aase Falkenberg, Herbanists, Food Studio, Emmanual Rang, Oslo Apiary, Herligheten and Northern Company.

Nine circles layed upon the field at Losæter, each hosted by one of the core members and surrounded by one variety of ancient grains. Three of the stars in this constellation are located at host farms outside of Oslo. These three farms are part of the Circle of Grains project initiated by Johan Swård. Each of these farms is growing one of the varieties of the ancient grains that Johan has been tending and growing for the last 13 years. The farmers who host these circles inherit the knowledge of how to plant, cultivate and harvest these seeds. They will become new guardians of these seeds with the aim to preserve these traditional varieties and the knowledge around them. Each guardian is responsible for sowing the plants, being obliged to return a small portion to Losæter's seed library.

Bakehouse Raising

Between May 20 and 24 a group of core members and volunteers assisted in erecting the wooden main frame of the bakehouse.

This will be a space for the exchange of knowledge and the activation of Losæter and its broader neighborhood.

Human Scarecrows

From May 21st until 29th, each day at 17:00, Human Scarecrows suggested performative rituals allowing a dialogue with the birds and the seeds to grow.

Organized by Vandaler forening and performed by participating artists: Paolo Gaìba Riva, bolwerK hosted by Marthe Van Dessel, Nora Fiona Eriksen, Fernanda Branco, Aksel Høgenhaug, feilkontroll, Ellmer Stefan & Agnes Hvizdalek, Ragnhild Aamås, Maria Belic, Agnieszka Golaszewska and Mattias Cantzler.


photos by Sarin Nhek


17:00 — Choreography: Fire, Seed Sowing & Human Scarecrows
20:00 — Bakehouse inauguration
20:30 — Potluck with friends & a dish of food to share
Sunset — Noise powered by the sun


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