Sea - Sun - Seeds - See - Moon - Sea
Losæter, Oslo, Norway

The field was filled with food, the moon full, and the Flatbread Society grains and Bakehouse had already reached INTO THE GROUND AND UP TO THE SKY. Despite our efforts to ward off any feathered creatures with Human Scarecrows, the grain field became home to hundreds of seed eating friends. On this day where the moon rose as a full circle in the sky, we selected small handfuls of seeds from this year’s harvest to be threshed and packaged for both our Seed Journey and Bakehouse storage.


photos by Monica Løvdahl


A procession of seeds walked from Losæter to the waterfront where RS-10 Christiania accepted them as cargo for their year-long journey to Istanbul. An armada of floating vessels surrounded our mothership in a celebration of her departure on September 17. The captains and sailing crew greeted visitors under the mesmerizing voice of Johanna Zwaig. Tall seamen tales helped imagine the journey ahead.

Simultaneously the Bakehouse was open for a sneak preview and people enjoyed flatbread by resident baker Emmanuel Rang, while meditating on messages sent through smoke signals under a full moon.

A fermentation workshop focused on veggies harvested from Losæter to be taken on Seed Journey was led by Bård Watn, while others learned more about the design and form of the Bakehouse itself.

  Threshing, Selecting, Parading Seeds to Sail
  Smoke Signals and Hand Over
  Ferments on the Way
  Who is Colin Archer?  
  Potluck with friends, Flatbread and Music


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