May 24, 2013
To get in you have to ring the bell and then it will be opened to you
Grønland, Oslo, Norway

Enter the world of 31B, an activity center and an open meeting place for people with experience in psychiatry. On any given day a range of activities coalesce; on the ground floor you can have lunch / dinner in the café or relax with a newspaper and coffee, chat, read books from the library, play pool, or table tennis and more. Media workshop, graphics workshop, frame expedition, textile room, gallery and bike shop, On Two Wheels, located in the first floor. On the second floor music room, frame, movie room and painting room.

Print by unknown artist in 31B print workshop

Started in 1980, 31B was as the first activity center of its kind in Norway. Their key principle of operation is “user interaction”. House meetings are their top internal organ and play an important role in defining the content and form: field trips, activities, what rules apply etc.

The FBS Boat Oven anchored here for a day to mingle with the members and the diverse street culture of Grønland. As rye dough was rolled into flat spheres, many people proposed flat earth theories and questioned balance on a round planet.

*Special thanks to Martin Musto for facilitating FBS at 31B; Kristin Bergaust and Els Eckhout for photos.

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